Apple season is here!!!

We are currently open for apple picking and will keep the orchard open as long as there are apples on the trees. There is a $3 entry fee per person to get into the orchard. we will have three bag sizes available to purchase.

How to pick apples

when picking apples please treat the trees with care. Twist the apple off while gently pulling, be aware of clusters around the apple you are picking and make sure you don't accidentally drop any apples.


Please be considerate when you are in our orchards. It is a process to maintain our orchards, while you are here please do not climb or damage the trees, damage the irrigation or throw apples. thanks!

Apple Varieties

We have four different varieties

  • Fuji's

  • Granny Smith

  • Golden Delicious

  • Red Delicious

We only have Fuji's and Granny Smiths available for U-Pick‚Äč

Bag Sizes

We currently have three available bag sizes for U-picking

Large- Holds 30+ pounds $40

Med-Holds 20+ pounds $30

Small- Holds 13+ pounds $18

Entry Cost

There is a entry fee of $3 to get into the orchard. We encounter a lot of wasted apples by allowing the public to enter the orchard. This fee helps pay for some of the losses and keep us in business so we can continue to provide this experience!

Have Fun!

Have fun while you are picking! Don't forget to check out our arts and craft vendors and our other activities!


Tel 530-344-2112

Visit Us

Opening Labor day weekend

from 9AM - 5PM

2620 Carson RD, Placerville CA,
Pine'O'Mine Ranch

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